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June 12, 2011
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The day had reached its half point in the seemingly calm farm land where a distant orphanage lay right outside the outskirts. It was a fine summer afternoon and the sun was at its peak in the sky with just enough clouds to provide some occasional shade every now and then. Most of the kids were either outside playing or inside enjoying other forms of games. The few others were most likely finding ways of getting into trouble. All the kids lived right on the border where human and giant country merged. Controversy and rumors had been increasing as of recent, most of them only causing more tension between two worlds already in a cold war. Recently people on these borders have been gone missing, even houses being uprooted and never heard from again. Unfortunately, this land had very fertile soil and was perfect for farming. So as risky as life may have been, there was little choice the people in this area could really do. Despite the dangers, some of the kids were actually hoping to catch a glimpse of a giant or giantess at one point before they would get adopted to a family at the safer parts of the community farther away from the border. In a way, this made the orphanage they lived in all the more exciting. Many talked about the giants and role played all sorts of scenarios involving one coming by.

That day came rather suddenly when some rather loud and rhythmatic quakes and rumbles started to be noticed with low pitched, muffled crashes in the distance. Each thunderous boom got louder and louder with almost all the children pouring out of the door to see what was going on. It was when the sun seem to black out that they saw a pair of feet nestled in a pair of cork wedges come crashing down a few yards away from them. The crash caused a large quake and shook the ground under the children's feet. They would have taken more notice to that if the wriggling toes that had green nail polish on them weren't distracting them so much. The size of the toe would have to be about as big as they were; the big toe alone probably as big as 3 of them combined. The area of the monstrous cork wedge would have to be the size of the orphanage itself. The thin tan strips that snugly held the top of the foot to the shoe spanning hundreds of yards if stretched out. It took a while for most of the kids to begin to look up and see what these giant shoes belonged to. They had to tilt their little heads up very high before they saw the towering figure that the feet were a part of.

The feet belonged to a rather chubby giantess in clothes obviously not meant for someone her size. It was noticeable because her plump gut popped out of the bottom of a tight fitting dull green midriff and slumped over a pair of very tight and very short black skirt. All the kids gasped and made noises of oohs and ahhs as they all looked up with their tiny little mouths agape. "ooohh! A giant!" one kid yelled. Some shivered and cowered in fear while other pointed and shrieked with excitement. The children not seeming to notice the hungry smile on the giantess' face with her plump lips glistening with saliva and lip gloss as she looked down at the orphanage like a buffet table.

She broke the silence with a grin and a very eager tone in her voice talking to the tiny kids. "Hey there kids! My name is Jessica. My, you all seem excited, is this your first time seeing a giantess?" Most of the kids were too shy to answer, but a few actually shouted out rather enthusiastically to her. "Yes! Wow, you are so big!" Jessica chuckled and gave her round belly a big pat, a wave of chub going from the area her palm gently pat, to the bottom and very top of her pudgy tummy. Its pit began gurgling in hunger for human sacrifices to the body of what she thought only a goddess would have. "I didn't get this big alone... I had to eat lots... which reminds me..." She said as she sat down on her round ass. Her feet extended to her crowd of children so naïve that stared at her in great awe. "Since this is your first time seeing a giant, do any of you kids want to have some fun with one?" Jessica's toes wriggled to her crowd of little ones. Some already taking the initiative to climb on the dusty sole of her towering cork wedges and playing on her musky smelling feet after reaching the peak of her shoe. Their little bodies hiding in between her toes and going under the sole of her soft sweaty foot. Others just cowered before her size, afraid that she might crush, or even eat them. The activity around her feet made Jessica giggle out with delight. Her voice echoing out far and ringing into all the ear of the little boys and girls surrounding the giantess.

"oohhh that tickles. You tykes sure know how to worship a goddess' feet. Just as all humans should." Jessica mewed out with a lick of her lips. She grabbed a few of her little worshippers and placed them in the dead center of her navel, wanting to feel them squirm in the tight confines of her belly button. Her navel was like a fleshy cave that compressed the group of kids tightly together. Smothering them in fat and skin with her odor getting soaked into their clothes every time they made even a subtle movement. This all lasted for a good  while with Jessica rubbing and grinding her plump belly with the group of kids spelunking in her navel, and others reaching the deepest confines of her feet. The fore play ended as a very loud, and very deeply pitched groan emanated from her tummy. She licked her lips and chucked as she gently shook her human clingers off her feet and took the hand full of kids that were once in her belly button, to her hand and gave them a wide smile. "mmmm... did you kids enjoy that? I think you did, so how about you get closer to it than you ever can outside?"

The kids squirmed and screamed. Mostly in joy, but they all had an air of worry to them as Jessica brought the handful of orphans to her face. Their eyes seeing her fat juicy lips glistening in the sunlight with saliva and lip gloss. The last thing they saw was the giant slivers of plump flesh suddenly open wide and then envelope their tiny bodies with one release of her fist. "mmm...." She smacked out form her lips, licking the corners of her mouth to get a taste of all the kids currently in her mouth the greedily tasting them in a way that seemed almost lustful. The kids below could hear her, but were too naive to really be aware of what was going on. They even didn't notice the loud gulp and a rather large lump going down her greedy gullet as she licked her fingers as if finishing off some finger food. "mmmm... down they go, the sweet little morsels. *urp*" Some of the kids confusingly called out to her, only to have another giant hand come down and grab up to 6-7 of them. This time they were scared. Hearing a gurgle from her tummy and seeing a few struggles from within that looked more like muscle spasms than anything else.

"What if she's going to eat us?" one of them said. The other responding with cries of fear and worry. "Please miss giant! Let us down. We're not food!" To which the greedy giantess laughed an evil response, "Oh the very opposite couldn't be truer my sweet little treats. Look at you. Bite sized, supple, and oh so sweet to the taste. I could eat buckets of you. Which I have, but that doesn't change anything though. In ya go." There was another loud smack of her lips with another group of children going in the giantess' demanding mouth. Her tongue traced her lips as she made the kids inside her mouth jostle and move around. This handful was quite a bit though. It actually took her two swallows to get them down fully. Half going down in one lump, the other half sliding down her gullet right behind the first. "*ulp* mmmm...  I don't know why humans build *ulmph* their homes so close to here... *urp*... but hey, I'm not complaining, am I kiddies?" Jessica said looking down at her gut, it grew quite a bit, and the struggling within her made her belly look more like a half inflated water balloon with small rocks constantly moving around in it than the smooth pudgy belly she started with. She simply patted her tummy for a few seconds. Drumming her green manicured finger across the surface while alternating licks between her free hand and lips.

"mmmm... o.k. then who's next? Anybody want to take the giantess water slide? She said with an evil chuckle, a small group actually jumping and accepting her offer. "There you go, such willing sacrifices to such a sexy goddess, you shall be reward by going to my ass and forever having men stare at you with lust and desire. Sounds nice huh?" Jessica said with a cackle as she unwrapped her palm and placed it at the base of her agape maw. Allowing the kids to go inside her wet mouth and stand on the slick, soft and wet surface of her tongue, smelling the sweet and salty odor of junk food all over the inside of her mouth. "Wow... it's so moist in here..." one said with wonder "Well what are we waiting for? Swallow us miss giant! C'mon we wanna go on the slide." Jessica smirked and closed her eyes. "As you wish my naive little morsels... *gulp*" She said before closing her lips and feeling the modest sized lump go down her neck and behind her rather large breasts. The group joining the other devoured children in her gut. Jessica started to hiccup with being so full. Her stomach was pretty bloated now, and there were still quite a bit of kids left. Binging was one thing, but there had to be at least three hand fulls left. Jessica was never the one to leave a meal unfinished though. Especially when it came to her favorite food item.

"hehe *hic*  yummy... I'm kind of glad I got around to visiting this part of town... I'm sure you guys are also happy that I came around huh?" She said with a good pat of her churning gut. She looked down at the other kids still staring at her. Unaware of what was really going on and what their eventual fates were going to be. She smirked as she licked her lips and mumbled to herself. "I say that was a good entree. Now let's see how dessert treats me." One by one, every child at the orphanage was devoured. Each young and innocent boy and girl sliding down the giantess' gullet individually or with other unfortunate souls that would end up being digested and contribute to the fat on Jessica's pudgy belly. Sun set was coming soon, and with a smirk of triumph and satisfaction, she tilted her head back, smacked her fluffy pink lips, and swallowed the last hand full of children that the orphanage had. "*gulp* ahhhh. That hit the spot." Jessica said with the final swallow. Her belly was now sagging over her tight mini skirt to the point it covered the front and jostled and flopped with every movement she made. Loud groans and squelches coming from the inside with muffled yells and cries of little children. Whether it was of joy, sadness, fear or a combination of the three was unsure. Though it didn't stop Jessica form just laying down and licking her lips as she rubbed her fat gut with a loud burp "Oh don't be such spoiled sports kids, that's just how things go, the big fish eats the little fish and goes on to dominate the pond. *burp* At least I got something out of it. I'm stuffed to the gills here, and it's all thanks to you. hehehe." She trailed off with sheepish chuckles. Grinning to herself and giving her belly a few gentle pats every now and then after getting bored of drumming her fingers along the surface. She spent most of the day lying down at the now abandoned orphanage. Enjoying the feeling of those children churning away inside her and fueling her selfish body while taking part in expanding her belly for others who would share the sane unfortunate fate.


Body Exploration
Foot Play
Children getting eaten

A vore story I made a while back with someone who shared an interest in a scenario where a greedy giantess devours a whole group of kids after some foot play and body exploration. After a little spit and polish, it became this little story. Enjoy.
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shabura Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Nice story! I like it..
Do you have an artwork of the giantess?
dokudoku111 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed. 

I have a couple but they are not of my work. Thus I feel it would not be fair to post them here. 
zoruaboyrich Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Well this story was  a pretty enjoyable read.
dokudoku111 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Thanks ^^
zoruaboyrich Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Them lucky ones got to play with the musky feet, that's for sure. heh. l3

But yeah it was a nice read!
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